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How Do You Acknowledge The Angelversary?

In this episode, we explore Angelversies and what happens when the scab gets ripped off. I talk about Lucy’s upcoming Angelversary and a recent event that has made this year more challenging. We explore what you do to acknowledge this challenging day.

Mental Health Myths

In this episode, Psychiatrist Dr. Anne Hallward joins Zander to discuss some of the myths that people might have about Mental Health therapy. They talk about how therapy can help you through your grief. There are also some great anecdotes that help illuminate the discussion.

The Importance of Talking About Our Loss

In this episode, we look at the importance of talking about our loss. There are many reasons that this is so important, from helping to process our grief, to helping us define our loss and not have it define us, to keeping our sibling alive in our life.

Honoring Your Sibling With A Creative Project

In this episode, we look at ways to honor your sibling with a creative project. You may not know this, but creative projects can be a great way to tap into many of the emotions and feelings we just cannot put into words.

Multiple Sibling Loss

In this Episode we are coming live from The Compassionate Friends National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri talking with my guest Luci Abrahamson about multiple sibling loss